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Writer   H.H.Nahm Date   2016-10-06  ( Count: 7398 )
Title   KIPO embarks on diplomacy for IP geared towards the fourth industrial revolution
- The Commissioner of KIPO will be having bilateral heads meeting with a number of the Member States during the 56th WIPO General Assembly -

KIPO Commissioner Choi Donggyou is attending the 56th WIPO General Assembly, taking place in Geneva, Switzerland on October 3-11, to share his views on ways to respond to the changing landscape of intellectual property with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, as well as to enhance diplomatic ties among the global IP community.

WIPO is a UN-affiliated inter-governmental organization tasked with intellectual property matters. This year, the heads of patent offices from 189 member states will take part in a range of discussions on improving the global IP system, and so on.

On the first day of the General Assembly, the 3rd of October, Commissioner Choi stated in his opening General Statement that artificial intelligence and big data, which represents the fourth industrial revolution, will be key issues in advancing the IP system. Commissioner Choi also emphasized that WIPO member states need to have in-depth discussions on ways to enhance the IP ecosystem so as to ensure that intellectual property boosts innovation and technological advances. Accordingly, we can expect active discussions on the development of the IP system during the General Assembly. Commissioner Choi introduced KIPO’s recent developments, such as revisions to the Patent Act, aimed at ensuring efficient granting of patents and preventing the granting of substandard patents, which drew attention from the member states.

On the sidelines of the General Assembly, Commissioner Choi will have a bilateral heads meeting with the JPO and sign a PPH MOU with the Polish Patent Office in order to enhance cooperation with other major patent offices. Commissioner Choi will also be engaging in summit diplomacy by taking part in the Group B+ meeting to discuss patent harmonization and enhanced work-sharing in patent examinations.

Director Lim Hyun-suk of KIPO’s Multilateral Affairs Division said that KIPO’s participation in the 56th WIPO General Assembly will provide an opportunity to enhance Korea’s position as the fourth largest producer of intellectual property rights and contribute to setting global standards in intellectual property. Director Lim also added that in doing so, we will be able to help Korean companies increase their competitiveness through technological advances, both at home and abroad.

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