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Writer   H.H.Nahm Date   2019-02-27  ( Count: 10261 )
Title   Newsletter of February 2019 issued by Barun IP & Law

Lead Partner Ho Hyun Nahm of Barun IP & Law has been named as the Chairman of the Intellectual Property Forum.

Patent and Trademark Attorney Ho-Hyun Nahm was named as Chairman of the Intellectual Property Forum at the general conference of the Forum convened on February 12, 2019.

The Intellectual Property Forum is an association incorporated under the National Assembly of Korea. It is made up of many members including corporate leaders and IP professionals, and it does research activities, runs discussion forums, symposiums, and seminars, and also aims at the protection, creation, use of intellectual property rights, and policy making. Since founded in year 2005, the Intellectual Property Forum has played a driving role in enacting ‘Intellectual Property FrameworkAct’ and establishing the ‘Presidential Council on Intellectual Property of Korea.'

Chairman Nahm left his remarks stated as "I will endeavor to pursue intellectual property as basis of the nation's engine for growth and competitiveness in the world systematically to such extent necessary for maximizing the national power of Korea abroad and will serve every member of the Intellectual Property Forum and also of the Republic of Korea to realize the purpose for which the Forum has been founded. I will make every effort to enlarge and expand the scope of communication with the executive,legislative, and judicial bodies of the Republic of Korea, with the media and press, and also with civil society all for the purposes of creating an environment in which our country can be a front runner in the IP World."

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